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Initial Statement

Let there be no doubt.  There is no substitute for the serious training and incomparable skills that can be developed and gained at a legitimate martial arts school.  But the rigorous and strenuous study of a serious martial art is not for everyone.  The figures on the turn-over of student enrollment at martial art schools are the empirical data supporting that fact.  There are many great instructors and martial arts programs available to the public.   Each one of these programs addresses an aspect or various aspects of the martial arts within a wide range of skills and benefits too vast to list here at this time.  The question and argument that I have heard more often than all of the other reasons and excuses combined for not studying the martial arts or for not continuing to study the martial arts was, "Who has the time?"   It takes too long to learn.

What This Course Is Not:

It is not: martial arts history, political organization, style specific, test and promotion oriented, tournament preparation, dangerous gymnastics, combat, sparring, wrestling, boxing, a lifetime program, an exercise class, stretch torture, boring, too difficult, weapons training, weapons defense, esoteric teachings, oriental philosophies, a black belt program, aerobics, a "Take Your Dough" program, a home video presentation, boot camp, a sweat shop, a normal martial arts program.

What this course will provide

Peace of mind, reality, streamlined learning, a guarantee: new physical abilities, know how, when, and what to do, lose the ignorance of how to respond to an attack, confidence, a condensed, consolidated curriculum, essential life saving techniques, the essence of the art, private instruction, no nonsense techniques, no filler, increased self defense knowledge, heightened awareness of surroundings, a personal trainer.


There is no excuse or reason to justify slow suicide or assisted murder.  The following example and subsequent comparison is quite sobering.   Most people do not exercise regularly although they know that they could live longer and healthier lives if they did.  Too many people die too young due to too many diseases and disorders that could have been averted if they simply exercised.  As a comparison, most people do not study the martial arts although they know that they could live longer and healthier lives if they did.  In addition, they would live with less fear and many could avert the pain and death resulting from muggings, rapes, and physical attacks if they simply trained in the martial arts.  If you cannot defend yourself, you have unwittingly assisted the attacker in your demise!  In both cases what is the common denominator?  People claim that they have no time to do what is going to help them live healthier and longer lives.  Too many people find the time to do everything in life except for the things that would help them live longer.  I find this fact to be incredulous.

Therefore, after 50 years of experience as a student, teacher, and master instructor of several martial arts, I have designed this course for the average man, woman, and child who have neither the necessary and sometimes extraordinary skills and abilities nor the time and or the money to invest in a full-time, traditional, life-long study of the martial arts.  But involvement in a serious, sustained study of the martial arts is what I advocate.  There is no substitute or a "fast food" solution for attaining greatness and enlightenment in anything of value in life, especially the martial arts.

But this course will introduce you to concepts and skills that will definitely raise your awareness level of self defense situations.  You will assuredly feel more confident in defending yourself.  Security concepts will be explored and your performance levels in the following areas will be raised: verbal self defense, physical self defense confidence, personal safety, awareness of dangerous situations, decreased reaction and response time, spontaneous decision making, increased speed, improved physical prowess, and peace of mind.  The following negative concerns will be markedly reduced: fear of bodily harm, attacker related emotional distress, anxiety, worry and fear of being alone, and your inability to protect yourself and your family unit.

In addition, this course will expose you to knowledge, concepts, philosophies, training techniques, weapons, and skills that can be studied and achieved in a traditional martial arts setting.  The NJ Aiki-kai and Budokan, which is located at 522 North Avenue, Route 28W, Dunellen NJ, 08812, 732-752-7030, will be available to you if and when you can make the study of the martial arts a regular part of your life.

Money Back Guarantee

  • Physically - You will develop new physical abilities that anyone can learn.  The techniques are simple but highly effective movements that anyone can learn.
  • Mentally - You will acquire new knowledge and know how, when, and what to do in a self defense setting.
  • Emotionally - You will lose the ignorance of how to respond to an attack and therefore lose the fear and anxiety.  You will experience a new sense of security and feel safer and more confident.

Handgun Analogy

If you purchased a handgun for self defense reasons in lieu of my course and was instructed in the use and techniques associated with the handgun, the ultimate outcome of protecting yourself could not be guaranteed unless you pulled the trigger!

In other words you must have the resolve and intestinal fortitude to act when the situation calls for action.  I can and will guarantee you knowledge, ability, and a sense of security but you must use the knowledge and your new found abilities or you will be living a life with a false sense of security.

Instruction Schedule

12 skill areas

12 individual hours or 6 - two hour classes

Locations and Tuition

NJ Aiki-kai & Budokan (dojo): 522 North Ave. Rt 28 W, Dunellen NJ 08812
12 hour course - $600.00
$50 per hour per lesson
Prepay Plan $550.00 (one lesson free)

Your Location/Facility: Have Fist, Will Travel
12 hour course - $960.00
$80 per hour (hour lesson & travel time)
Prepay Plan - $880.00. (one free lesson)


  1. many years of studying and training
  2. learn less effective techniques over a longer period of time
  3. pay monthly group lessons from $100.00 to $225.00
  4. pay one yearly rate ($1,000 to $3,000)
  5. other comparable programs - none
  6. a lifetime of fear and doubt