Home Benefits of Training Beyond the Physical Enlightenment

The physical abilities and character developed over the years will be the foundation for the road to Enlightenment.   Without these two prerequisites it is virtually impossible to reach our final goal.  We will assume that your physical prowess and character have improved over the years.  You now have a strong foundation on which to build as Musashi has taught us.  You are on a different level of Awareness than most.  This is a higher level like the higher level of physical abilities.  In addition, your mental and emotional pain thresholds will have been raised.  Think about this.

With our newly formed byproduct, known as peace of mind, I can now work on the Enlightenment stage.   People have flaws in their character.  These flaws prevent any development towards Enlightenment.  We must discard the flaws and then we will understand what Enlightenment truly is!   It is not being perfect, but striving and vying for perfection in all things.  Enlightenment is knowing why we are alive, how to live a good, proper, and truly enjoyable life in harmony with nature, how to cope and deal with living with and amongst irrational and disrespectful humans without allowing them to adversely affect our peace of mind and happiness.  Enlightened people are the only truly happy people in the world.  This level of awareness is the final stage of your training and most students never reach this level of sophistication!  Why not?  Because not many students invest enough time and effort in this area.  Most people do not invest enough time, effort, and money in anything.

Students eventually leave the Budokan knowing how to fight and defend themselves.  So they feel good about their accomplishments and themselves.  This is good.  They have developed self confidence.  This is also good but not good enough.  Some students eventually leave the Budokan and have been changed and exhibit good character and are successful individuals in their respective fields.  This is even better, but still not good enough!  Too many people are contented.  Very few ever reach, and therefore enjoy, the state of mind known as being Enlightened.  Re-read this article and the many great works that have been written concerning Enlightenment.  I wonder how many people are even aware that Enlightenment exists?