Home Benefits of Training Beyond the Physical Character

Life is a changing process.  Some people change to a small degree.  Some people change drastically regardless if its for the better or worse.  Some people don't change at all! The Dojo is a changing place.  You will change in mind, body, and spirit.  If you were wondering, no this is not a cult.  It is a place where you can develop and grow mentally, physically, and spiritually.

As your physical abilities improve (change with time and effort) your character is also being altered for the better.  You will change physically and changes in your character will occur proportionally.  These changes will occur in relationship to the amount of time spent in the Budokan training.  What do I mean by changes in your character?  Regimental physical training at the Budokan will change and develop your character in the following areas which, most importantly, can be applied to all of your daily activities:

  1. the discipline will cause you to learn to discipline yourself (self discipline)
  2. respect yourself and others (self-respect)
  3. raise your attention span
  4. develop an energetic personality not lazy and lethargic
  5. an alert and eager presence
  6. a newly developed interest in honesty and honor (integrity)
  7. a new sense of humility
  8. promptness, and preparedness for all things in life
  9. self denial and concern for others
  10. reliability and dependability
  11. a happier personality and outlook on life
  12. a moral and ethical character

Therefore, we ultimately develop peace of mind which is the basis of enlightenment.

Remember: I can afford to be the nicest guy in the world because of five very important reasons.  I want to be.  It makes me feel good about myself.   I must be because I know the way (I am doomed).   I am so proficient in my physical abilities that I have lost the fear of what others will say to me or say about me or try to do to me for being Mr. Good Guy or Mr. Goodly or Mr. Godly.   So I can afford to do what is right, not what is expected of me or imposed upon me by society.   I can not be or will not be forced to do wrong or evil out of fear.  Last, but not least, I know that if someone is so offensive and obnoxious as not to accept my kindness or apology and insists on an inevitable confrontation, I will win physically due to my training.   I will know that I initially tried to win without fighting (which works 99% of the time).   Remember that God is all good because he is all powerful and can afford to be all good!  With time we can change the following negative characteristics around to positive attributes: being withdrawn, introverted, violent, hostile, inconsiderate, paranoid, negative, abrupt, defensive, unreliable, inconsiderate, THOUGHTLESS, lazy, lethargic, unmotivated, contented, irritable, and so forth, but this will take some time.