Home Benefits of Training Beyond the Physical Physical

In the physical category besides: losing unwanted weight, gaining flexibility and speed, developing strength and endurance, your pain threshold will be raised.  This means that you can endure more physical pain.   No, you do not become a masochist.  You are simply functioning at a higher (different) level in the area of physical abilities.  This higher level (different level) becomes your new "normal" level.  The difference or different levels become apparent to others but not to you in the early stages of your development.  You assume that everyone else is or should be like you.  The "higher" level exists only due to comparison to other humans who do not train in these esoteric methods.

The ability to block, parry, blend, punch, kick, throw, defend against muggings, defend against club, stick, knife and gun attacks, and learning how to use weapons are simply the physical skills that you will eventually master.  There is much more to the study of the Martial Arts than physical discipline teaching!